Meow, I am

Dante Bal

Chief Cat at Bal Residence

Who am I?

I'm a lifelong cat who has since childhood been enamoured by cat languages and the communication that takes place between cats. My areas of interest, thus, fall in a long spectrum, from the origins of languages throughout cat history to the area of social and communication psychology, dealing with day to day cat interactions, as well as napping and social grooming.

Below, you can find out about my formal education, view my writings and purrojects I have been involved in, and contact me. Alternatively, the links at the top right will take you to my CV and separate pages for the other sections of my website.


Cat Psychology M.A.
at Bal University

My thesis is going to be about the ideal length of a cat nap. This is going to take a bit longer than the last one.

GPA: 3.65


Cat Literature B.A.
at Bal University

The #1 ranking cat university in Istanbul, head-to-head with Boğaziçi University. I was so successful in my studies that I completed my BA in only 2 years, graduating as the top of my class, 2 years before any of them got to graduate!

GPA: 3.97


Foreign Languages
at Alara Koleji

A prestigious primary-, middle-, and high-, school all in one, situated in Istanbul, Turkey, with heavy emphasis on Anglo-Catson and Kittydarin. 1 year was enough.

Grade: 92

Writings, Fictions, & Purrogrammes

Here, you can find a selection of my writings and fictions, as well as web applications and programmes I have written. Most of these (even a proemgramme) have been published in Çamlık, where you can read them as well.

To view all of my creations, please use the respective navigation links at the top right.


Who are you?

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